BIO... a Reflection

Under pressure from a trusted friend, I am buckling with the thoughts of writing this 'BIO.' Personally, I relate 'BIO' with 'resume,' something I've experienced as incapable of capturing the essence of a person's character. However, my friend, I'm going to meet you halfway and write as it relates to the spirit of "Your Life, Your Training Ground"...with integrity.

Where do I start? How about; "Tell me a story".... 

Part 1: It Starts in Minnesota

1973, Minnesota; Let's start there. Jump to the third grade and onto a plane to The Mayo Clinic to figure out a little violent chronic vomiting blood issue. This kid considered it 'business as usual'. Another lengthy road trip on a plane, and I get to go to an airport. "Gets me out of school with a legit excuse, so I'm good." That was the attitude. The blood disease persisted...grossly. Eventually, with a few more road trips, a positive grip on this little issue took hold. Although the road trip, airports, and plane rides were the highlight, there was a downside. Whatever was to be developed over that coarse of time was held back. The 'catch-up,' as I think of it in hindsight, laid its roots in my psyche, disclosing itself often as a source of emotional pain and physical weakness.

A bit of a lame start.

Dad gives me 20 cents to catch a bus to the YMCA, "I signed you up for a swim team." Not being able to swim really didn't fit into the mix of my Dad's thinking. I remember that day. 20 yards. That's it? One length of the pool gets you a spot on the swim team? In my mind, as I'm staring down this Channel Crossing, it became a serious going the distance-Rocky vs. Creed event. "No problem, I got this." I got home early that day due to the lifeguard making her first jump 10 yards into my not so glorious Channel Crossing. Sucked.

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