TheRThing, 'TRT', a little introduction.

One of my favorite quotes, or rather guidelines. Routine. Those crossroads are inevitable. When that moment, those crossroads, appear in our lives, anxiety and fear seem so real.


"World Class"

"World Class" has a ring to it. The 'tag,' I will gladly admit, was not my idea. I resisted the idea initially due to the arrogant and not so modest vibe it sends out. Not my style.

The 'tag' scantily references a series of events, dice roll's mostly. Accepting the risks of reaching other shores was nothing more than the effects of compound interest, the constant turning of a giant metaphorical dial in my head plus time. That's it. To attach 'talent' to my journey would be an insult. The real story, the real victory, is the conversation within my mind and the defiance not to listen.


Stalk Your Fears

Remember Walter Payton from the Chicago Bears, number '34' 'Sweetness'? A perfect metaphor to tackle our mind's voice when it's spitting out constant drool laced with fear.

If we stop and sit still, even for a moment, to listen, we will hear our mind playing its favorite game — that constant stream of dysfunction following the endless why's, what-if's, and yea-but's. Fear invites himself to the party. This asshole shows up unannounced, a true professional at everything with a plan hell-bent on drowning your enthusiasm and childlike wonder. Fear is that intimidating loudmouth guy in the room that knows everything, the comfortable lemming leader, sitting on the bench, awaiting his death thinking he matters. Most follow blindly.

The story

What's Behind Molokai?


We are staring down Molokai, moment by moment, making this wolf into a puppy.

01 September 2020, I will land in Hawaii into the arms of my boat captain, who insists the last three attempts ended with bites. Injuries contained with tourniquets. His enthusiasm wasn’t linear with the situation, but I liked his ‘Old School’ matter-of-fact attitude. I sensed integrity and honesty in his voice. “He’s My Guy,” Perfect. The fight’s on.


Latest Update for Sally

The following is one of those updates, the most recent, from Uncle Nate on Sally's journey.

On January 7, Sally endured a second all-day surgery to reconstruct the side of her chest and six ribs that were removed during the tumor resection surgery on January 2.