A Dedication

This One's for You

"This one's for you"!

Hey there Sally,

I'm on a mission, healing you can say, complicated. So I put together this site to capture the story (among a few other things), maybe.

Your Uncle, Nate, my deep down, "little brother," keeps me in the mix on how you are doing. Not sure if you remember me, it's been a few years. I'd write a letter; you know 'snail-mail,' but it seemed just not potent enough to expose the missing link you represent in my mind that I will need to push through while on my little journey.

The picture I've attached was a snapshot and my favorite, New York, remember? I was freezing. You offered me your seat; I took it — a very generous gift. I had some insight, just a little, as to how you could have used that seat too. It moved me.

Swimming to other shores is the visible part, fighting for the beach spot, alone, in life, is the victory. It seems backward, right? So many triumphs and struggles along the journey. Pulling off life's little dock and setting sail will do that. So we go.

You know these difficulties, the journey. You get back up, pull off that dock, wandering, hoping, digging into some metaphorical mystery, wrestling with difficult questions. You refuse to sit on the bench, courageously.

So I'm going to need a little push on this one. I'm scared sometimes. I am going to need a Hero, an image in my mind, a teammate that pulls me along. You continually earn that position. You stay courageous; I'll watch and learn. You reach deep into my heart; fuel for my soul, it's the missing link, the most critical link. Teammates.

"This one's for you"!

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