BIO...a Reflection

Part 5: Healing & No Plan B

Disappeared overseas. Needed somehow to 'HEAL.' 

Asked by the recruiter, "Do you have any questions," The only questions I could think of was, "Is the gym open 24/7, and do you know what the water temperature is?"

Took a chance on the water temperature. Left for Iraq. PSD/Team Medic after attaining a clearance from the State Department. I walked out of Headquarters in Chicago and landed in Iraq 5 days later. Another world. Higher stakes. Different game. The same essence in my mind; "Do no harm in my presence." Guardian. 

'The Shawshank Redemption' was played out in reality when I arrived. Locked in a metaphorical cell, alone, awaiting a team mission. It was an unwanted introduction to this new teammate, and the voice in my head kept telling me, "you'd better get along." I couldn't even recognize this guy, and I wanted out. When the cell door slammed, it became apparent, the depth of the damage sustained in earning my "Paperclip."

My intuition took the reigns on these missions. My body followed closely. It became the most worthy of proving grounds for Zen-like thinking. The level of confidence that evolved in that process was never to be expected. 

The most extraordinary result was a forging of peace in the mose unlikely of places, completing my original goal. Healing.  

The mending process brought me back to Chicago to exceed my own limitations. It has become a routine... 

"Just getting warmed up."..................................

If you made it through this 'BIO,' know it's my honor. I would encourage you to write your own 'BIO', tell a story. Take the time, do a little 'Shawshank,' and meet the person you are-raw. You will be fascinated. Do the work required to enable yourself to come out of that metaphorical cell and state, "I really like that guy." 

This site is the share. Reaching back to drag you along, reaching forward to be inspired. Remember were teammates. The insights, stories, metaphors, techniques, and imagery are all field-tested. The voice is original and not obscured or tainted by any sponsorship. 

Throughout my journey, my life, a common denominator evolved, the real education. Marathon Swimming, supported by Powerlifting, carried me through. It's become my art form. This craft has taken me throughout the world, with zero fails. England, France, Morocco, Spain, California, Honduras, Roatan, New York, Iraq, Isreal, Palestine, Jordan, and everywhere in between. Eventually, through this education, this journey, and some intense periods, I really got to know this guy...and I like him. 

I will be expanding on the details to reach into people's quiet journeys through the pages of "No Plan B." Anticipated 2024.

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