Remember Walter Payton from the Chicago Bears, number '34' 'Sweetness'?

Stalk Your Fears

Remember Walter Payton from the Chicago Bears, number '34' 'Sweetness'? A perfect metaphor to tackle our mind's voice when it's spitting out constant drool laced with fear.

If we stop and sit still, even for a moment, to listen, we will hear our mind playing its favorite game — that constant stream of dysfunction following the endless why's, what-if's, and yea-but's. Fear invites himself to the party. This asshole shows up unannounced, a true professional at everything with a plan hell-bent on drowning your enthusiasm and childlike wonder. Fear is that intimidating loudmouth guy in the room that knows everything, the comfortable lemming leader, sitting on the bench, awaiting his death thinking he matters. Most follow blindly.

Well, he matters none. Unfortunately, in this world, we have to address this loudmouth, this bully, with political correctness. Naaaaaaa, this is TheRThing; it's my blog, and to be honest, I'm tired of having to be tolerant of such rampant destruction.

Instead of tiptoeing around 'fear,' pick up that ball and sprint straight into the pack. Tuck your chin as you select your victim, take on being fearless. Turn the tide and gain valuable yardage in your life. Now, finally, you're the stalker.

Look back, defiantly, and thank 'fear' for providing direction.

Logic and an honest discernment of your willingness are some potent allies in this constant rattle battle.

Discern your level of willingness; it's your opponent in this championship grappling match, a paid-per-view real money maker. This quiet decision process is your individualized, unique algorithm into your ascent.

Are you willing to go where the masses cannot? Where your opponent will not? Your journey's direction demands this honest assessment. It is a deep dive into your soul, the inner workings of the 'who,' the psyche's natural law into an uninhibited dance commanded by the music in your soul. Violate this law, avoid your exploration, choose the bench with the masses, and that song in your soul will die a slow torturous death.

Give the mind's voice no quarter. Stalk.

The ultimate discernment process, the courageous conversation deep in your soul, leads to, in my opinion, one final question. This question posed honesty, starves the beast feasting on your soul.

Is the 'risk' of discovery worthy of the ultimate sacrifice? Are you hungry enough, fed up enough, frustrated enough and tired enough, to freefall into your journey? Whatever the catalyst, are you courageous enough to fight like that third monkey getting on Noah's Ark (some quote I found along the way that stuck). If there is a part of you, trapped, that whispers, 'yes,' well then, now your living.

Strive for peace to intimidate fear. No need to join a monastery or turn into a 'Monk' when every breath you take is your training ground; your life is your training ground. Your 'Now' turns wolves into cubs. Your 'event' is the deliberate testing ground to prove your theories.

'Risk'? Who's to say? Boil it down. Rearrange the perspective. Stay in the 'NOW' where the past and future count for nothing. Navigate the distance from your face to the tip of your nose and then repeat.

'NOW' places the ball solidly in your grip. Enjoy your uninhibited dance through the masses. They will be defending their position on the bench, 'existing' out their days, in fear.

Inch forward if need be, but forward.

A good day.

Your Teammate Always,