TheRThing, 'TRT', a little introduction.


One of my favorite quotes, or rather guidelines. Routine. Those crossroads are inevitable. When that moment, those crossroads, appear in our lives, anxiety and fear seem so real.   

This is how I see it: it’s your responsibility to make that metaphorical 'Jump.' Your life depends on it; my life depends on it. You want direction? Then actively search out and identify your thresh-hold where 'fear' presents and simmers in your soul. That is your direction. Take it, stare at it. It’s yours alone, unique to your life, and custom made. Stop the progression of your narrative…"Jump."

That is the baseline of "TRT." Cravings of the soul. Mending. Encouragement to 'Jump.'

Content caught fresh daily. Metaphors rattle around in my head like a pinball bouncing off bumpers. I grab them and go with it. The source? Have No idea. Through intense 'training,' to conquer Molokai, the content evolves crystal clear. TRT is the net grabbing those thoughts, frustrations, and motivations. A bit of a diary. 

In those moments, there is no frame of reference, no intranet searches, no YouTube videos to help in the blueprint. Intuition, experience, and the willingness to envision something greater than ourselves lead the way. Risks are routine, mandatory.

The conversation is not open to critique nor judgment; you need to earn that rite. If you can handle those parameters, you are invited to this table. 

"TRT" is solely the author reflecting and sharing. The illusion of risk rests in vulnerbility.

"Stay in the NOW! Past and future mean nothing. Now, at this very moment, is all that counts. If we can get there, hang out for just a little while, we will have developed the engine to carry us through." 

TheRThing is not for everyone. Those cold timid souls that sit comfortably on the bench, pointing, milking a Folgers Coffee commercial need to move on. Have no more time to spend listening to your cries. It's courageous to break away from the lemmings of the world. I Insist. Discover the real importance of your uniqueness. My story is also yours. We will walk through this together as teammates, partners. I have love in my heart for you.

A little about me: I’ve operated under the wire, daily, within the misunderstood boundaries of being an empath to push through incredible odds completing some of the world’s most difficult feats of strength and endurance. The empath side of my personality maintained and defended a high level of humility, modesty, and introversion. That was the comfort place. TheRThing conversation within “Your Life, Your Training Ground” pushes me personally into a very uncomfortable position. This site is a unique reach in hopes of connecting with your world through Stories, Speaking, Health and Motivational Coaching (Live Tissue Training), Vigilance through Awareness (tactics), and Active Listening (confidentially without judgment).

I will describe in these blog posts a unique mindset, attitude, and set of skills that separated me, often painfully, from the lemmings of the world. I’ll be blunt as I speak into your psyche, hence “TheRThing,” as I make my way onto the shores of Molokai and beyond.

31 years ago, my world changed, needed to change, be revealed. There was an initial “Jump,” creating a momentum that had a voice of its own…”Never Settle." The barometer of grit and what it really means to be triumphant was set deep within my psyche. It took years to understand the potency and level of saturation involved.

This conversation,'TRT,' is smeared with integrity. A costly sting. A rarely chosen path, lonely. I fucking highly recommend it!

Your Teammate Always,