A huge 'Thank You' to you for visiting my site. What a privilege.

Taking inventory on my life set me on a course of action to create a platform to 'Jump' from, and your standing right here with me. 'Meaning,' hitting the nail on the head of your life's purpose is that aggravating, relentless, never settling echo in my mind that never lets up. Health and Life Coaching appeared on the screen as a result. 

The inventory continues to evolve, and the process, personally, runs deep. You vetting me, in my mind, is mandatory, and I insist. This site, mission, and TheRThing is, in essence, a voluntary personal vetting. 

However, I have an 'ASK,' an absolute, for all of us. We need to be coachable. Reach to take on being that person, coachable. I will do the same.

So, Are you 'Coachable'? If so, "Let's Roll."

One on 1 Coaching

When we seem stuck at the 'STOP' sign just a little too long. Designed to break through those roadblocks, give a unique perspective, create and implement small lasting changes, and nudge you in a direction where you recognize your own "World Class."

Available October 2020)


Vigilance in situational awareness

The experience explores the possible consequences of our everyday actions and thought processes. We will then explore simple adjustments in mental tactics to avoid hazardous situations altogether but, more importantly, avoid suffering life long consequences. 

(Available October 2020)

Marathon Swimmers

Going beyond where others stop is a testament of a willingness to explore the greatest mystery, your Self. It is nothing less than an incredible journey. There is no program to log into, nor do any algorithms exist to 'cut and paste' into your life. The variables, pain, mystery, and unforeseen are all yours. It separates you, elements of the most modest and humble 'earn.' Your closest most intimate people in your life may never understand. Close to my heart; such a journey is my Soul's voice.

I'll have your back. You have my ear.

(Prepping for 2021 season. Earlier, the better. October 2020)

Story Telling

I'm a storyteller. Period. It's where the real education breathes. Willing to expand and custom design anything written in this site to make connections to your audience's needs, their lives.

(Available October 2020)


Willing any time, anywhere. Warning! There will be stories involved.

(Available October 2020)

COP Partners

Cop Partners is the place where you can have the floor when you need it most. We, together, split the weight. Integrity is a 'thing'; it's here. Trust is secured. Sworn, active or retired, logged in explicitly to listen, relate, and carry (Limited to Police only).

(Starting October 2020)

"The flagship."

"Getting out of your own way".. This is the "DO" in LIVE. It gets a little complicated and courageous. We will look back, smile, and acknowledge the parts of ourselves that once held our heads underwater. "Live Tissue Training" casts images of scientific labs, Petry dishes, and cadavers but go easy. It's only a metaphor. The 'LAB' is your life; the Petry dish is filled with our emotions, dogma, perceptions, questions, wonder, fear, all the perfect 'human stuff.' The cadaver, well, lifeless. Grim, but at least it has an excuse. 

The design of this unique experience creates lasting change. Urged by the small, microscopic, "turning of that dial," your life's trajectory will shift. Limited to 15, so there is a bit of vetting. Each member has to be a committed and dependable teammate. We return to our lives, our training ground, supported, to 'field test' and practice unique assignments. There, in your world, is where the magic happens.

Your "World Class" tag will become recognizable, custom, fitting perfectly on your shoulder. Earned through, teamwork, consistency and a touch of grit.  

(Coming September 2021. Limited to 15)